Friday, September 21, 2012

Thanks & Good Night

It's been a fantastic six years and the site, and my relationship to it, and to the Internet, and to poetry, has evolved tremendously. Thanks to all who have stopped by, commented, forwarded, and returned.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in all of the projects, and to guest bloggers over the years. Thanks to Kate Eichhorn and BookThug for publishing Unleashed, a selection of post from this blog.

Now go fetch!

For Immediate Release -

Oh Lemon Hound we love you get up.
- Announcing the launch of

Montreal, 21 September 2012 - What was a tentative single-author blog has evolved into a multi-author site and  now a bi-monthly literary journal. As of September 21st, launches its new website and first online volume of articles, essays, reviews, and curated content.

Our new first issue includes reviews of Lisa Robertson, Leigh Kotsilidis, and Eileen Myles, interviews with Rae Armantrout, and Jen Benka, fresh poems by Dorothea Lasky, Kathryn Mockler, and Emma Healey, an excerpt of an essay from Lorri Nelson Glenn, a full essay from Lisa Robertson, Adam Sol on Karen Solie and Laura Broadbent on Erin Moure, Elisa Gabbert on the Poneme and more to roll out over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in the slice and swerve we want to tap into your workflow. Queries for reviews of any genre are welcome including art, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, academic work, online work, performance or opera. We want to see things in process, snippets of larger pieces both in the works, and canonical.

If you collect, if you glean, if you have the urge to share, if you want a little cabinet online, think about joining the crew. If you appreciate new fiction, poetry and non-fiction updated bi-monthly and tweaked weekly, bookmark us.

For queries, email us at, essay and creative queries at For more information see our masthead at