Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feminist Boot Camp #27 Let Your Poem Go

She let her poem go.
It slid down the blue wave
into the sandbox of the afternoon.

It fraternized on the street
with young people drinking
wine and sporting revolutionary

It went out into dark corners
and hid in the minds of sad
animals, reawakened only
when the light came up

and the garbage men,
thinking of dappled things
heaved one day into
the next. The poem

has a life of its own.
The poem is not you,
or your career, or
the way you want your world

to unravel. The poem
wants what it wants:
to be passed along,
memorized, spoken

by more and more
new and beautiful

Thanks for the inspiration Kevin, and Sydney, and also Jon Paul Fiorentino. Thanks to the Griffins once more for this most important, revolutionary, and joyful act: taking poetry out of the trenches and into the hands of those who most certainly, will bring it forward.

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