Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Women who write

And are mothers...Daisy Fried, Elizabeth Treadwell, Arielle Greenberg, Joy Katz, Marilyn Hacker, Rachel Blau Duplessis, Vanessa Place...I could go on. Marita Daschel has been publishing a series of interviews with Canadian writers that you might find interesting. Can I recommend the two latest, Marina Endicott and Sara O'Leary? Talk about a risk. A woman writer who identifies as a mother? We might all argue for family values, but we don't tend to want those discussions in our literary world now do we?

But there is much, much more to celebrate!

Some new books:

Rachel Levitsky's Neighbor coming out with Ugly Duckling Presse.

Prismatic Publics, which I blogged about earlier this week, due out very soon from Coach House.

Erin Moure's essay collection My Beloved Wager due out with NeWest! Very good news.

And articles of note:

Flarf gets some respect in both Poetry Magazine and Book Forum.

Kenny stirs up some comments streams with his piece on conceptual writing.

Ron Silliman wades in, stirring it further, with his comments about disjunction and fragmentation...

Sheila Heti on being an artist, also in Book Forum.

A portrait of Renee Gladman up on Les Figues.

Lynn Crosbie on Michael Jackson funeral.

Joyland is worth supporting. Interview over at NPBlog. Big event at The Scream tonight.

Looking back to the Michael Jackson court case on Geist.

Drunken Boat is finally live with ten folios, including a fabulous Conceptual Fiction folio featuring Vanessa Place, Kenny Goldmith, Rob Fitterman, Brian Joseph Davis, Jonathan Ball, Mary Burger and others, as well as a rocking Vispo folio that inlcudes Rachel Blau Duplessis, Ray Hsu, Jen Bervin, Gary Barwin, Sharon Harris, Amand Earl, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff, Geof Huth, and dozens of others!

A spectacular Open Letter issue edited by Kate Eichorn and Barbara Godard, the launch of which is available here (live streaming).

Feminist Poetics Today
guest-edited by Kate Eichorn and Barbara Godard

What are the challenges for feminist poetics today? How has feminist criticism responded to new women's writing? What are the spaces for diffusing this work? How have these changed over the last decade? With these questions, we take up a dialogue begun in Open Letter in 1992. At that time, Lola Lemire Tostevin invited a group of Canadian women writers to articulate their process of writing and contribute to an issue on feminist poetics. Rather than solicit submissions from "the most prominent names," Tostevin "felt it was time we heard from another generation of writers." Fifteen years have passed since the publication of "Redrawing the Lines: The Next Generation" and many of this "next generation" have become established writers. What has happened with feminist poetics since "the next generation"? The literary and political terrains have changed: there are far fewer opportunities to explore women's writing and feminist poetics today than there were in 1992. How have the generations of women writers and critics to emerge since 1992 responded to this situation?

Contributors will include Lola Tostevin, Joanne Arnott, and Margaret Christakos reflecting on their earlier contributions, Sandra Alland, Oana Avasilichioaei, Angela Carr, Jessica Grant, Jill Hartman, Sonnet L'Abbe, Sylvia Legris, Angela Rawlings, Sina Queyras, Natalie Simpson, Nathalie Stephens, Rita Wong, Rachel Zolf, and critics Heather Milne, Christine Kim, Erin Guay, Holly Dupej, John Stout, and Trish Salah.


Matt said...

i argue for single person values

Lemon Hound said...

i'm sure it's a long, hard, road, matt. but i'm glad you're on it.

Anne said...

I LOVE Sara O'Leary: her kids books are great, poetic and Gorey-esque & here, too, she is wonderfully unsentimental, unapologetically whip smart, and just so cool. Thanks for the links.

I tire of the cloying ethos of the mommy bloggers down here in the US...